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You come to the table with a unique variety of strengths and weaknesses—some of which are deeply entrenched. In addition, you must navigate a complex organizational system that has its own culture and dynamics. Our Leadership Coaching + Consulting services help you navigate the variety of issues at play for you and your context so that you achieve your goals.

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We typically work with three types of leaders

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Presidents, CEOs + Founders

They want guidance from an objective leadership expert who they can trust to be in their corner. They typically come looking for very focused help whether it’s creating and communicating a new vision, redefining their role, thinking through their next steps or support in leading their executive team.

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Leaders preparing for a new role

They want to clear obstacles for a smooth path forward, but may need help gaining clarity on exactly what about their leadership needs to change and how to demonstrate improvement.

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Leaders facing performance barriers

It’s hard for executives to see themselves and the contributing issues clearly. The more power leaders gain, the less honest people tend to be with them. They need clear insights into the root of the issues and prioritized steps to address them.

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We consider all the factors affecting a leader and how they intersect

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How can Leadership Coaching help?

“I know there are issues, but I don’t know what to do.”

Gain insight into vague, persistent or unknown performance feedback.

“The team is not functioning as well as I need it to.”

Create a vision and unite people around it; provide feedback and coaching that motivates and develops others.

“We all need to get aligned if we’re going to succeed.”

Shift dysfunctional dynamics and work effectively across the business.

“I’ve got to get out the weeds and get my arms around the bigger picture, fast.”

Identify where to focus time, effort and energy for greatest impact; make changes that play to your strengths and unique value; step back and think about the larger goal, and align the people to achieve it.

“I’m a contender for a new role and need to be thoughtful in realizing it.”

Present yourself in a way that inspires confidence from others and commitment to your goals.

“What are we doing and why does it matter?”

Gain clarity on what is most important and create a compelling future for the organization.

“How do I address the big unspoken issues and not make things worse.”

Navigate differences, missed expectations and disagreements in a way that invites resolution.

5 things to know about our coaching

Corcoran Leadership


Leaders exist within a larger context that includes the organization's system and culture. We look at the whole picture so that we can help you create the change you are seeking.

Corcoran Leadership


We often discover that a leader needs something more or different than leadership coaching (e.g. training or team facilitation). We tap into the right team of experts to create true change.

Corcoran Leadership


This isn't your standard 6-month coaching contract. Our approach is flexible and tailored to the individual and the organization.

Corcoran Leadership


We are seasoned leadership coaches with opinions and a point of view born of experience. We’ll help you play out the ideas you’re considering, explore new perspectives and give you honest feedback.

Corcoran Leadership


Our expertise in many, varied assessments and tools means that we can quickly identify the approach that will best fit you. Different things work for different leaders.

Our proven approach that delivers the change you seek

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“Heather understands the needs of a time-starved executive and looks for the right solution that will both support me and make the best use of my time. The result is we get to better answers faster.”

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