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Meet Heather

I founded Corcoran Leadership because each leader struggles with unique and nuanced challenges. No one size can fit all and there are no silver bullets. I’m known for quickly zeroing in on the true source of a leader’s pain and pulling together solutions that can offer not only relief, but big strides forward.

For 15 years, I ran a leading Bay Area leadership development firm, where I coached executives at a range of organizational cultures from Fortune 50s to growth stage companies to philanthropies. Technology, financial services, entertainment, real estate—I’ve worked in many industries.

My leadership education is built on deep academic training including an MBA and four coaching program certifications. Prior to joining the leadership development field, I had hands-on business experience running marketing for Peet’s Coffee & Tea and I co-founded the non-profit Net Impact.

This variety of experience has given me a gift for dropping into just about any leadership situation and quickly grasping what's happening.

Sometimes leaders need pragmatic coaching. Sometimes they need to play out an idea and get honest, thoughtful feedback from someone who understands leadership and their unique context. Sometimes they need help designing meetings, refining the organization’s values or training for a big presentation.

My clients tend to see me as a leadership advisor as well as a coach. You can count on me to help you evaluate your options, explore new perspectives and uncover what’s hidden. I am always transparent about what I think we should do and why.

Because I sometimes find that what a leader needs most is something beyond me, a big part of what I do at Corcoran Leadership is connecting my clients with the wonderful expert specialists and resources that I’ve come to know and trust. I'm extraordinarily lucky to work with leaders I adore and collaborate with experts I respect.
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“Heather understands the needs of a time-starved executive and looks for the right solution that will both support me and make the best use of my time. The result is we get to better answers faster.”

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